Why You Need This Book

Not everyone is a natural writer. In fact, most people don’t think seriously about writing until, one day, they’re suddenly called upon to write an office memo or a wedding speech and find themselves paralyzed with self-doubt and indecision. Author Alan Gelb specializes in helping anxious writers find their voice. During his career as a writing coach, Gelb has developed a repertoire of techniques to improve anyone’s writing, sometimes in a matter of days. Those methods are now available to everyone in his latest book, Seven Steps to Confident Writing. This compact and easy-to-use book demystifies the writing process and shows readers how to break through writer’s block, sculpt concise sentences, shape well-structured paragraphs, and polish a final draft. Best of all, readers will see for themselves that writing is not an inborn talent but a skill that can be mastered with a bit of patience and perseverance.